How to Eat and Train for Your Body Type

How celebrity trainer Phil Catudal customizes training programs for clients

The Interview

How did you become a trainer?

What’s the fitness culture like in the different cities you’ve lived in?

What are the best health-related goals to do an overall reset, in your opinion?

As coaches, we see a lot of interest from clients at the beginning of the year. Overall, are you a fan of New Years’ resolutions, or do you think they become an excuse to procrastinate?

You seem to travel a lot — what sorts of workouts do you do while traveling?

What equipment do you travel with?

Tell me about your clients. What are they looking for? And do you notice anything different about the celebrity clients?

Tell me about your book. What are these different body types and how do they affect your diet and training?

What’s your stance on supplements, particularly pre-workouts?

What do you do about joint pain during workouts?

How do you think training should change as people age?

Fitness Lets You Live Your Best Life

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