I Eat Once a Day to Live Longer

I Eat Once a Day to Live Longer

Aging in essence is the result of cumulative damage to your DNA and how I reversed it.

Nutrition & Our Hybrid Body

How Did Eating Get So Complicated?

What way of eating did we adapt to?

Where Do We Start?

What do we know about longevity?

Conventional Wisdom

But where did these 3 meals a day idea come from?

In short:

How Our Environment Designed Us

As Doug McGuff explains about the life expectancy back then:

Glucose Metabolism & How “Conventional Wisdom” Failed

It has to go into your body fat.

Insulin will not allow you to tap body fat for energy.

Time to Ketosis

Example Case:

The Benefits of Fasting

Intermittent Fasting

All this opened me up to try my first week-long fast…

O.M.A.D. — One Meal a Day


For example:

I’m not expecting you to suddenly start eating once per day.

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